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Neighbourhood WatchThat is what Neighbourhood Watch is all about - looking out for each other. Neighbours uniting and acting together means that dozens of eyes and ears are ready to pick up on anything happening in the neighbourhood that could cause worry and concern. It`s about being a good neighbour and caring about your community.

Neighbourhood Watches are an important means of communication between local residents and the local Police in the fight against crime.


And there`s more to Neighbourhood Watch than protecting homes and property against burglary. By working together, neighbours can help reduce all sorts of local crimes. They can also take action to improve the environment by getting something done about things like vandalism, graffiti, poor lighting and lack of local amenities.

As well as making the neighbourhood a better place to live and work in, tackling local problems and concerns will help people to feel less nervous about crime - especially those who are elderly or vulnerable for other reasons.


Neighbourhood Watch is also about bringing people closer together and involving them in local life. A stronger community spirit grows as people get to know each other and look out for one another. Anyone can join a Neighbourhood Watch team and everyone can play a part in its achievements. Any community or neighbourhood - however large or small - can set up a scheme.

You no longer need to publicise the fact that you’re a Neighbourhood Watch if you would prefer not to – so a Residents’ Association or the residents of an individual block could now participate in Neighbourhood Watch and receive all the crime information available to Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators throughout the Borough without using the title.

A scheme can be made up of just a few houses in a street, or a few households, the residents in a square, or a whole estate. Each scheme can be different - you don`t even have to use the title `Neighbourhood Watch` or put a sticker in your window. Once a group of residents has agreed to act in the spirit of Neighbourhood Watch they can be registered by the Police and treated like any other Neighbourhood Watch. Sherwood and Mapperley Park Neighbourhood Watch Association is a properly constituted co-ordinators scheme, created to assist neighbourhood watch co-ordinators in running their schemes. Contact us if you would like more information about staerting a scheme within the Sherwood and Mapperley Park areas of Nottingham.

Schemes are tailored to meet the needs of the members and their neighbourhood. They are run by the members and belong to the members - so they are the ones to make the real difference in improving the quality of life.


Neighbourhood Watch schemes helps the community to keep a check on people in the neighbourhood who are more vulnerable. Children and young people, the elderly and the frail, and people who have had their homes broken into before can all benefit from having an extra eye kept on them.


Everyone who joins a Neighbourhood Watch scheme plays an important part in making his or her neighbourhood a safer, more friendly and pleasant place to live in. One of the most important things scheme members do is to look out for anything happening in the neighbourhood that seems suspicious or unusual and then report it to the police. YOU CAN PLAY A PART IN HELPING THE POLICE TO SOLVE OR PREVENT A CRIME AND SO STOP SOMEONE BECOMING A VICTIM.

When you join a scheme, you are given advice about the sort of things to look out for - from simple things like checking that circulars, newspapers and letters cannot be seen in letter boxes while householders are away on holiday, to promoting crime prevention schemes and home security measures such as marking property with a post code. But it is always important to remember, when you see something that concerns you, to dial 999 and let the POLICE check it out - you must NEVER challenge someone behaving suspiciously or put yourself at risk.

In Sherwood, at least four times a year all the Area Co-ordinators have the chance to discuss crime issues affecting their locality with local community officers at the area Group meetings.

The Police no longer need to visit your property to give your Watch information about what’s going on in your area. Whenever the Police want to communicate with all or selected Neighbourhood Watches or residents they can put a message on the `Ringmaster` system, which will automatically telephone you if you`ve registered for the Ringmaster system. Information is also distributed by the group secretary to co-ordinators by mail and email, join the mailing list on the home page of this website to receive information and updates.

Perhaps there’s a bogus official operating in your area that the Police want to warn you about - or the Police may be desperate for your help in tracking down a vehicle used in a serious crime. And if you are concerned about revealing your identity when helping the Police with important information you can always ring CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111. Your call cannot be traced and you remain anonymous.
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